• Our firm

    The firm is set up into different areas, each head by a partner, all of whom are solicitors specialised in the various branches of law with over twenty-five years of professional experience.  In addition, there are over 20 further professionals: solicitors and economists, who form part of the organisation, and decisions are always made collectively under the leadership of one of the partners.


    Our firm
  • Values

    Our main objective is to meet our clients’ needs.

    The quality of our services is at the heart of all our efforts.

    We aim to maintain the company spirit and for all members of the organisation to develop a constant sense for profitable innovation.

    Respect for legality.

  • Missions

    All actions are to be directed to the service of our clients.

    To seek a position of leadership within our field by creating sustainable competitive benefits.

    To offer concessions and adapt ourselves to our clients, to work together as one.

  • At present

    We are pleased to inform that we have just opened an office in Madrid.  This new branch has been fully operational since January 2013, thus establishing our services as legal consultants on a national level.

    At present

Uniforo is a firm of legal experts. Our team of legal professionals have years of experience and have gained credibility through practising the profession and teaching law within their respective specialist fields for many years.

Tax Advisory Law

Legal advice on tax matters, primarily aimed at the two groups our firm works with: companies and corporations, and taxpayers and individuals

Employment and Social Security

Advice on Employment Laws and Social Security, as well as on matters relating to civil servants and Government employees within the National Health System.

Commercial Law

Expert advice in Private Law: Commercial and Civil, including legal council.

Property and Administrative Law

Advice on the following matters: obligations, contracts, urban planning, the Government’s material liability, co-ownership and horizontal property, assets, estate, residential tenancies…

Criminal Law

The Department of Criminal Law is specialised in the legal treatment of all matters related to this branch of the law. This Department, coordinated by OTRI (Office for Transfer of Research Results) at Murcia University,...

Health Law

Procedural defence of institutions and health professionals in the field of criminal law, advice to institutions and health professionals in the field of professional liability, and any other type of accusation (different types of crimes)…

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