Commercial Law

Commercial Law

  • Bankruptcy Law: Arrangements with creditors. Advice and handling of bankruptcy proceedings at all stages, including agreements and liquidation phases.
  • Company law: Advice regarding corporate bodies, attendance at AGMs and preparation of minutes; challenging corporate agreements, transformations, merger or division of companies; dissolving, liquidation and closure of companies.
  • Buying and selling of companies.
  • Commercial Contracts: commercial sales and purchases, contracts relating to: advertising, commission, distribution, agency, company concessions, franchise, mediation, factoring, deposits, transport …
  • Banking contracts. Executive procedures derived from banking operations
  • Procedures relating to rate regimes. Effects of commercial trade.
  • Insurance law: Contracts and legal counsel.
  • Protection of competition: restrictive or abusive practices. Unlawful or unfair competition.
  • Trademarks and patents. Protection of inventions. Industrial and intellectual property.
  • Arbitration Proceedings.

Linked to Civil Law

  • Building rights. Advice. Hiring: Building works contracts, sale, exchange of building plots, …
  • Claims for breach of contracts.
  • Contractual and non-contractual liabilities.
  • Regarding loans, deposits, down-payments, observations of obligations (mortgage, pledge…)

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