Criminal Law

The Department of Criminal Law is specialised in the legal treatment of all matters related to this branch of the law.

This Department, coordinated through OTRI from Murcia University, by Mr Jaime Peris Riera , a solicitor and professor of criminal law,  together with a team of highly trained specialists in this field , works not only in the field of traditional forensics, but also on topics related to the so-called General Area of Criminal Law, thus he plays an important role in drafting reports, giving opinions … and in any other aspects related to this field.

  • Thanks to the legal and criminological training of this team of professionals this Department has the expertise to address out-of-court resolutions and to resolve conflicts.
  •  This group of professionals, thanks to their training and experience deal with legal issues related to any crime, and due to the specialist area of their work and investigation they have become specialised in property-related offences and white-collar crimes, in particular in economic crimes.
  • These professional dedicate much of their time working on crimes against sexual freedom, offences against privacy, against honour, as well as against family relationships (for which they count on the valuable collaboration of top level professionals from other fields: psychologists, psychiatrists, forensic medical experts).
  • We would also like to highlight the close working relationship between this area and the areas relating to tax laws and employment laws, which enables all solicitors confronted with issues relating to offences against the treasury, against the Social Security or against workers’ rights, to deal with them in a more comprehensive way. The same applies to the areas of civil and administrative law with regards to offences against planning and environmental offences.

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