Property and Administrative Law

Expert advice on the following matters:

  • Obligations. Types. Non-compliance. Modifications.
  • Contracts. Types. Compliance or resolution.
  • Real rights to the possession, use and enjoyment of assets, preferential acquisition and warranty.
  • Rental or urban property under the Civil Code Act. Hiring of services.
  • Property and  assets. Property law: Acquisition and Loss. Exercise of property rights and advocacy of these rights. Possessory rights.
  • Law relating to property registry and real estate (difference in land measurements, registrations, boundaries, claims, third-party claims to ownership, easements and all other legal rights relating to real estate law or the breach thereof, etc.).
  • Co-ownership and horizontal property.
  • Construction laws. Liability of persons involved in construction.
  • Urban planning. (Planning, town planning management, Compensatory committees, modification to general plans, zoning plan procedures, swaps, reversions, development costs, claims arising from development processes, licensing, environmental and urban discipline, land reparcelling projects, expropriations, negotiations in purchase/sale of land, land classification, coastal areas and coastlines, urban planning agreements, ruin, etc.).
  • Financial responsibility of the Administration.
  • Pharmaceutical Law (opening, transfers, closures of pharmacies, timetables, incompatibilities, civil and administrative liability, medical discipline, etc.).

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