Tax Advisory Law

Specialist legal advice on matters of taxation

Corporate taxation
  • Ongoing advice to companies and other corporate entities.
  • Annual income tax returns, production of annual accounts and company income tax. Study of fiscal adjustments.
  • Tax Planning in mergers and acquisitions, re-structurings and insolvencies.
  • Taxation on financial transactions.
  • Issues related to transfer pricing and valuation of related operations.
  • Tax due diligence and guidance in the code of good tax practices. Study of tax contingencies in transfer of ownership.
  • Advice in respect of indirect taxes such as: Value Added Tax, Property transfer and Stamp Duty tax.
Individuals and Family businesses
  • Advice to individuals and families with regards to income and wealth tax.
  • Tax Planning and taxation advice related to legal structures aimed at the management, continuity and transmission to future generations of family businesses.
  • Advice on inheritance. Issues regarding inheritance tax and donations.
International Taxation
  • Taxation of non-residents and implementation of international agreements on double taxation related to individuals, companies and permanent establishments.
  • Intra-community VAT and other indirect taxes.
Tax related litigation
  • Assistance in procedures relating to tax management, revenue collection and inspection.
  • Summons for tax information
  • Disciplinary proceedings.
  • Appeals and claims to the tax appeal board.
  • Defence of clients in criminal proceedings (economic or financial), especially in cases of crimes against the Treasury  in collaboration with the Criminal Law department.
Local and regional taxes
  • Local taxes (IAE, IBI, ICIO, plusvalia municipal) and assistance with reviewing tax obligations.
  • Property Transfer and Stamp Duty Tax, and in collaboration with the Urban Planning department , advice on transmission  and acquisition of real estate, financing of real estate projects as well as on all matters related to local and regional taxes.

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