Commercial Law

Expert advice in Private Law: Commercial and Civil, including legal council.


Expert advice in matters of Civil servants and employees of the National Health System, covering all issues that affect these working relationships from start to finish, as well as advice to unions in the collective bargaining on sectoral boards with the Government.

Criminal Law

The Department of Criminal Law is specialised in the legal treatment of all matters related to this branch of the law. This Department, coordinated by OTRI (Office for Transfer of Research Results) at Murcia University,…

Tax Advisory Law

Legal advice on tax matters, primarily aimed at the two groups our firm works with: companies and corporations, and taxpayers and individuals.

Property and Administrative Law

Advice on the following matters: obligations, contracts, urban planning, the Government’s material liability, co-ownership and horizontal property, assets, estate, residential tenancies…

Patent office

The department of industrial and intellectual property offers legal advice on matters relating to intellectual property, as well as patents and trademarks.

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